Selecting The Right Commercial Doors For Your Building

Posted on: 12 May 2020


When it comes time to replace the commercial garage doors in your shop or building, there are some things to consider. Working with a commercial garage door installation company is an excellent way to eliminate problems, and they can help you get the perfect door for your needs.

Choosing Your Doors

When you are considering new commercial garage doors, you need to first look at the size doors you will need and what options are available to you. Commercial garage doors are larger than standard doors, and many times they are made from heavier material. Commercial doors are intended for use in commercial buildings, and the doors are often more durable, so they stand up to the opening and closing of the door over and over again.

Commercial garage doors are available with insulation in them, vinyl cladding on them, and some even have windows in them so you can see what is happening outside and let some sunlight in during the day. Take some time to consider what you need from your doors and then sit down with a commercial garage door service to pick the doors for your building.

Installing New Doors

If you are installing new commercial garage doors, it is a good idea to find a commercial garage door installation company to come and put the doors in for you. The door company will have the tools and the manpower to handle installing the doors, and if you are installing oversized doors, there can be things that you need to do the job right.

Sometimes a scissor lift or other equipment is needed to reach the top of the door and the ceiling for installing hardware, or other equipment is required for lifting the panels into place. The door installers will know what they need and the best way to do the job to get the door in and working correctly. 

Commercial Door Service

Once the new commercial garage doors are in place and working, it is a good idea to have the door company come back in a few months to service the door and tighten up the hardware on the door. As the new door breaks in, things can loosen, and the adjustment can change slightly. 

Talk to the garage door installation company about when you should consider servicing the doors on your building and consider setting up a yearly inspection of the doors so that you can keep the new garage doors working as good as new for many years to come.

Reach out to a commercial garage door service today for more information.