What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Hydraulic Hangar Door System?

Posted on: 1 June 2018


Whether you are the owner an operator of a full-blown airport with a whole fleet of planes or you have a hangar where you store only a private jet, the type of doors you choose for the structure will mean a lot to everyday functionality. There are many different types of doors that can be logically installed on an airplane hangar, from bi-fold and tri-fold designs to simple slide-across versions for smaller buildings. However, the most popular door for a hangar is the hydraulic hangar door, and this is for good reason. Check out this short list of pros and cons of installing hydraulic hangar doors on your plane-storage building.

Pro: Hydraulic doors can better cater to large openings in your hangar.

If you have a large opening in the hangar, it naturally is going to mean you have larger doors. While you could always go with sliding doors or a basic tri-fold setup, the larger the doors are in general, the more weight there will be to support, which means hydraulics will be the best solution. These doors are fitted with hydraulic lifts so they can easily handle the heft of excessively large doors when a lot of other systems will repeatedly fail or falter.

Con: Hydraulic hangar doors can be more costly to have repaired.

Hydraulic hangar doors are bound to be more costly to repair because they have more complicated, heavy-duty parts to contend with than other simplistic doors. The good news is, hydraulic pumps on these doors will rarely need professional attention and can last a really long time. Therefore, even though maintenance costs can be a but higher, properly maintained doors are not going to require a great deal of ongoing attention.

Pro: Hydraulic hangar doors provide a more sophisticated opening action.

No matter how well greased you keep the slides on big sliding doors or how skilled you are at opening other types of hangar doors, hydraulic doors are always going to have these actions beat. The doors will open smoothly without your interference or any input from you. Additionally, hydraulic openers operate quite quietly, which can be a major advantage inside a large hangar where noise can reverberate and sound a lot louder than it is. As an added bonus, the automated systems of these doors can allow a pilot to open the doors with a push of the button from inside the plane.