Overhead Garage Door Replacement

Posted on: 3 April 2018


Many people spend a lot of time in the garage. If you have converted your garage into an extra bedroom, craft room, laundry room, or simply continue to use it as a hobby and mechanics room, you might be spending quite a lot of time in your garage. If you live somewhere extremely cold during the winter, or hot during the summer, you probably have issues with keeping the temperature comfortable inside your garage.

Since central HVAC is usually not connected to the garage, you often need to use other devices to keep them comfortable. On top of this, garage doors usually don't have the best insulation. This is particularly true in tract home communities that are built with the most generic, affordable garage panels. You can replace your garage panels with an updated, modern, energy-efficient products that is going to make it a little easier to maintain the right temperature inside your garage throughout the entire year, no matter where you live. This is not to say that you won't still need to use special heating and cooling devices (like heat pumps, fans, space heaters, or portable air conditioners), but you probably won't need to use them as much.

Replacing Just the Panels

In most cases, homeowners can replace the panels but keep the majority of their existing garage system. That is, the springs, cable, motors, and frames can be kept as they are, but the panels are simply switched out. Issues only arise if you are installing a new panel that is far heavier than your existing panels.

Usually, a panel with more insulation is going to be thicker and heavier, so this is actually a common problem. As a result, a garage door installer might have to upgrade the motor as well. The pulley and chains should continue to work, but they will probably also have to adjust the tension of the springs. Because of this, it is best to have professionals handle the job.

While the actual act of switching out garage panels a simple, you could be putting undue stress on your springs and motor. Even if your garage continues to operate, you could run into problems. This is why it is usually better to just hire a professional from the get-go to handle the entire project. Even though you have to pay for labor, the project is very simple, and professionals can probably do the entire job within a single day. So, you can basically have a completely new garage in a single day.

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