Is Your Garage Door Opening System Acting Up? What To Do

Posted on: 28 December 2016


If your garage door has stopped working and you aren't sure if you need to call a garage door repair professional, there are a few things you can check right away to assess the situation. You can see if the problem is something as simple as oiling the chain or lubing the mechanical components, or if there is something that is damaged and needs expert repair. Here are a few of the areas where you want to look for damages and problems.

Spring and Cable Maintenance

You need to replace the springs and cables if they are rusted or have any type of corrosion or weathering. Since the garage is a space where there is moisture and humidity, the springs and the cables can start to get rusted. A broken cable or rusted spring can stop the garage door from opening and closing like you want it to. These components will need to be replaced during the life of your garage door opening system.

Broken Chain

The chain that lifts the garage door and moves it down is also a metal component that can get damaged. If you can see the entire chain, look to see if it's off the track or broken in any way. If it is, this could be the reason why your door is jammed or isn't working. If your chain needs to be replaced and there is other damage to the unit, you may want to ask the experts about a quiet, belt-opening system.

Faulty System

If a system is outdated and has been exposed to water and other hazards, it can stop working. This also happened with old age. If you think that the entire system is faulty and that you should invest the money that you would pay for repairs into a new garage door opening system, you'll want to get an estimate to have the work completed.

Fixing your garage door on your own is something that can be dangerous, especially if it isn't done correctly and the door falls on someone or something unexpectedly. You should first have a garage door repair professional come to your house to see if the fix to make the garage door open without issues is something small like a repair or part replacement, or if there is a large expensive repair necessary. Then you can determine if it's best to fix or replace the garage opening unit you have. Check out websites like for more information.