Considerations For Choosing A New Garage Door

Posted on: 8 April 2015


Not only does your garage door affect the look of your home's façade, it has the potential to affect your daily routine. After all, it's probably both your entrance and exit. Choose a garage door with the façade, material and opener that best complements your home and routine.

Stock vs Custom Doors

The design of the door itself will have the biggest impact on your house's façade. Stock doors are basic and functional. According to Bob Vila, upgrades such as panel design and glass panes add to the cost, but they still tend to be the most budget-friendly option. Naturally, the most expensive doors are those that are custom-designed in color, panel design, finish and material. However, customization is the best way to ensure the garage door complements the rest of your home's design.

Concerning stock or custom doors, window options are another consideration. Doors can be fitted with small to mid-sized panes of glass across the top quadrant of the door. Another choice is topping the door with arched windows. Not only do windows allow sun into the garage, they break up the look of all that color in the front of your home.


Stock doors tend to be constructed of steel backed with insulation. The gauge of steel ranges from 24 to 28, with 24-gauge being the strongest. Aluminum is a light, economical option. Plastic and fiberglass doors are light-weight custom options.

Wood is still used for garage doors, but it's not as common. However, many custom doors are constructed from hard woods. Wood composite mixes recycled wood fibers with synthetic materials, making them as strong as steel but with the authentic look of wood.

Opener Drives

Garage door openers come in three standard drive types – chain, belt and screw. Jackshaft and direct-drives are starting to become more popular as well.

Chain drives utilize a chain to pull the garage door up. They can be noisy, but the chains are durable and dependable.

Belt drives rely on a reinforced belt to haul the door up. They tend to be a bit more expensive than chain drives, but they also vibrate less. This results in quieter operation.

Screw drives use a threaded-steel rod to move the door. Their operation is not quite as quiet as belt drives, but they are low maintenance and quick.

Jackshaft openers feature a motor that mounts on the wall by the door. The motor drives a pulley and cables to move the garage door. Jackshaft openers tend to be some of the more expensive systems, but they are even quieter than belt drives.

Direct-drive operations are touted as the quietest. The motor itself travels along a stationary chain, using a J-arm to raise and lower the door.

Whether you choose a stock door in aluminum with a chain drive or a wooden composite door with arched windows and a direct-drive opener, your garage door is going to become an integral aspect of your home's curb appeal. Contact an outlet, such as Calgary Overhead Doors LTD , for further assistance.